All of our photo booths use a single household power point whereby several components are powered from.  Please ensure that a power point is within 10 metres from the photo booth location or we are either provided with an extension cord or advised on the length to bring.


We are best to be kept undercover at all times away from direct sunlight and rain and in outdoors situations we need to be mindful about where the sun is going to be and the effect of shadows.


We do not need any source of light, we have our own on our booths and to be honest intense fluro lights in the area kind of make the photos a bit ugly. Ambient light is no worries at all.


The space required is usually a 2.5m x 2.5m square for a good comfortable setup and fitting a good 4-5 people in the shots, but we can narrow that down slightly and of course if there is more room, we don't mind!


We would love for you or the venue to provide us with a tableclothed table for our props, and if you are having a guestbook or capsule where guests need to write, we'd love another table for this too.  Just small ones are fine.


Being against a wall is essential too as our background doesn't like falling down all the time and guests sometimes have a few too many raros and become unsteady.


Ideally put us near the action, if there is a dancefloor, put us near it, don't chuck us way out the back.  So long as we aren't getting bashed into we're all good.  But try to keep the fun and entertainment all together.


Access.  Please let us know about issues with access.  Our photo booth is pretty heavy and bulky so ramps into the venue is awesome and also being able to bring our van nice and close as we pack in and out.  Some curly venues we may need to do a site visit to get an action plan in place.


When making your booking, try to make sure you are being wise as you don't want us standing there ready to go but you're still having dinner or doing speeches.  We can't always be generous with gifting you that wasted time back at the end of the night.  Sure 10-15 mins here and there we can sometimes work with but if its a fully booked day we might not be able to.  But rest assured, if for some reason we are late to you or late setting up at our own fault we will make that up to you.


Please refer to our Terms & Conditions section (also emailed to you when you make an enquiry) for everything else you need to know.