Subcontractors, Performers, Service Providers, Suppliers Terms & Conditions


GST # 061-951-849-
Email Address for all invoices:


1. Performers


All invoices for performers must be received within 21 days from the final date of the event you are contracted for. Invoices will not be paid if received after 21 days and agreed fee will be void. See below for general invoice and accounts T&Cs which also apply.


Contracts must be signed (which then accepts Flash Mob Entertainment’s Terms & Conditions) before announcement of performer’s involvement in event. Accepted photographs, media and bios must be received within 7 days of contract returned.


All performers must conduct themselves professionally when promoting or attending the event including during travel to and from and for the duration of their stay.


Heavy drinking on day of performance is prohibited, a couple of drinks is acceptable until the official event is over and while it is ok to then drink for mixing and mingling times, please do not go too overboard. Performers will not be authorised to run up tabs on charge additional items to room of Flash Mob Entertainment accounts, if by error this does occur you will be expected to reimburse or pay the account.


Missing flights and transport will require the performer to arrange and pay for their own transport on the next available flight that will get them to the venue and event in good time. No shows, cancellation within 21 days of event or inability to arrive on time due to missed flights and transport will result in cancellation of contract, non-payment of fee, requirement to reimburse for travel and accommodation arrangements and any other expenses incurred by Flash Mob Entertainment for you.


Performers are expected to do promotion on their social media of the event using official artwork and media. Posts we make on our Flash Mob Entertainment social media are all authorised for you to share, tag and use. We appreciate your support in helping our events be a success.


Performers must provide their final songlist for APRA approval no less than 14 days prior to event, final songs in high quality MP3 format must be loaded onto the given Google Drive folder no less than 7 days prior to event. This also applies for any other further media including associated videos and multimedia for your act that has been approved.


Act technical specifications must also be provided 7 days prior to event with any special technical requests coming as soon as possible to see if possible. This includes haze machines, strobes, specialty items. Please note that many venues do not allow for fire, smoke, glitter and confetti so if you are thinking of using these you will need to inquire in advance so we can ask.


2. All Other Invoicing


Please note that our new accounts system is in place from 1st October 2018 which means that all invoices received after this date will be treated as following.


Invoices received up until 5pm on the 18th day of the month will be paid on the 20th of the same month or closest Thursday after the 20th if it does not fall on a Thursday.


Invoices received after this will be paid in the next accounts run around 20th of the next month unless prior arrangement in place.


No payment will be made without written invoice, we do not do cash payments without an immediate receipt. Please be aware we are a business and deal with 7 day invoices. Please do not expect immediate payment or payment without invoice.


All invoices and accounts related correspondence must come to we cannot be held responsible for invoices sent to wrong address that we do not check.

For our ticket shows please be aware that it can take up to 3 business days for our ticketing money to be received from our agent and therefore will not be paying for any of that particular show-related expenses until those monies are received.


3. Special Projects


Occasionally we may be involved with special projects where we work in partnership with other businesses and companies where we a third party of contractor to them and therefore there is additional admin and wait to consolidate accounts. We will advise if this could be the case as part of agreement and contract. If this is the case, we may not have much say in when funds are released and available.


2. Media Contractors - Photographer/Videographers


If you have been contracted to provide such a service to Flash Mob Entertainment, you will need to accept these T&Cs and also understand the additional T&Cs as some parts may apply to your service.


All photography and videography must only be given to Flash Mob Entertainment. Performers, customers, audience members must not be sent anything direct. All folders and images (including sneak peeks) must not be released by contractor unless gained permission from Flash Mob Entertainment. All Flash Mob Entertainment event folders and images you have been contracted for will be originally shared from Flash Mob Entertainment social media with your logo to be included on the image along with the event logos and full credits will be given to you. When sharing photos from our events pleasure ensure you have tagged us and given details of the event and where possible credit to the performer and act. We can help you with gaining this information.


All edited digitals must be loaded to the Google Drive link created for you within 10 days of the event ending. Late availability may result in 10% reduction of your agree payment. Not receiving the finished product within 21 days after the event will result in 50% reduction in your payment. Payment will not be made until finished product is received and accepted. If a deposit is required, please ensure this part of the discussions prior to acceptance.


6. Communication


Please note below T&Cs and information in regards to all email and messenger communication with Flash Mob Entertainment:


“This e-mail and any attachments may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, delete this e-mail and destroy any copies. Any dissemination or use of the information contained by a person other than the intended recipient, or sharing the information to other persons or on public forums is unauthorised and may be illegal. Please note that this communication does not designate an information system for the purposes of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.”